Psychology Resources

Melissa Tourtillott, M.S., L.P.A.

Melissa earned her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Alaska Anchorage. Since completing her education, she has been a member of the Psychology Resources team. Melissa specializes in conducting individual psychotherapy sessions catering to a diverse clientele, including children, adolescents, and adults. Her focus areas encompass anxiety, depression, family and relationship concerns, as well as challenges related to attention and focus.

In her therapeutic practice, Melissa adheres to a humanistic approach, valuing the unique experiences and perspectives of each individual she works with. She employs a variety of therapeutic models, tailoring her methods to meet the specific needs of her clients. This versatile and client-centered approach underscores her commitment to providing comprehensive and empathetic care.

Outside of her professional life, Melissa finds fulfillment in outdoor activities. She is an enthusiast of skiing, hiking, biking, and other pursuits that allow her to engage with the natural world.