Current Groups

Social Skills Psychotherapy Groups for Elementary-Aged Children
These groups teach children basic social skills and provide opportunities to practice these skills and recieve feedback.  Groups focus on developing skills required when interacting in pairs, small groups, or as part of a large team.  We emphasize having fun and trying new things.  Each group focuses on a specific skill and related hands-on activities.  There are four such groups, arranged by age range, which encompass lower elementary school, upper elementary school, middle school and high school, respectively. Participants typically experience mental health challenges such as AD/HD, mood or anxiety disorders, developmental disorders, or Autism spectrum disorders. There are also two elementary school groups for children without Autism spectrum disorders who nonetheless require social skills instruction and practice, and these two groups are arranged by age for lower and upper elementary school students, respectively.  These groups are facilitated by Mary Palko, MS, LPC, CDCII.

Psychotherapy Group for Adults experiencing Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
This group helps adults who struggle with common symptoms of AD/HD.  Groups focus on understanding and mitigating AD/HD; we provide emotional support, information, and skill-based strategies for contending with common life challenges and transitions.  This is a time limited, eight week group. This group is facilitated by Sue Scott, M.S., L.M.F.T.

Adult Psychotherapy Group for Men and Women
This is an ongoing, weekly psychotherapy group for men and women hoping to develop healthy, intimate relationships with partners, spouses, children and coworkers. Participants focus on establishing interpersonal boundaries, managing conflict, expressing and negotiating personal needs, and receiving supportive feedback.  This group is facilitated by Sue Scott, M.S., L.M.F.T, and John Pagan, M.S.

Introductory Mindfulness Group for Adults                                                   Psychology Resources offers a mindfulness group for adults with depression and/or anxiety and unhappiness.  The 8-week group is time-limited and will provide basic mindfulness concepts and skills through in-session practice and processing.  Please contact our front desk for more information.