Psychology Resources

Charles F. Lester, Jr., Ph.D

Dr. Lester is the founding owner of our clinic, and he has been and continues to be a very clinically active psychologist in Alaska for nearly thirty years. His supportive and therapeutic contributions to Alaskanfamilies and individuals experiencing a variety of behavioral and developmental challenges have been extremely extensive. In addition, he has been a member of the psychology faculties at both the University of Alaska, Anchorage and Alaska Pacific University, so he has been a very active contributor to the training of countless others in the field of behavioral health. He has also served as a clinical and behavioral consultant for a long list of human service and clinical treatment agencies and school districts across Alaska, both urban and rural. In addition to working with individuals and families, and providing consultation to the other clinicians at the clinic several days a week, Dr. Lester is also the current Clinical Director of Hope Community Resources the other half of his week.

Dr. Lester continues to enjoy his clinical and consultative work very much, and strives to maintain a productive work ethic with a healthy work-life balance. “I was raised on a small and modest farm in rural Illinois with a very long list of chores every day that needed to be done before I played, so from a young age my parents instilled the importance of a good work ethic…I learned to work hard and then play hard…always in that order.” Therefore, in addition to a busy and productive professional life, Dr. Lester is also very active enjoying the outdoors, hunting, fishing, snow-machining, etc. He is also proud to be a former Marine.

All of that said, Dr. Lester will be the first to say that the three best choices he has made in his life are: marrying his wonderful wife, having children (which he confesses made him very humble and appreciative of the everyday challenges and joys of being a parent), and moving to Alaska.